SHADOPLAY is an original Jazz, Funk and Latin Band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our band puts on an energetic performance with some of the top musician’s in Calgary.

About Shadoplay Jazz Music

The unique sound of Shadoplay is made up of Alex Hutchison on fret-less and fretted basses, Peter Ngom’s  vocals and guitar from Cameroon. Diana’s vocals and Percussion from Colombia and driving the beat – Enoc Velazquez.


Franco Festival Calgary

The definition of World Beat!


SHADOPLAY is named after Joni Mitchell’s painting “Shadowplay” that is the cover of an LA Express album “Shadowplay.” Originally formed in 1981, Alex restarted SHADOPLAY with Peter Strietman in December 2006.  Enoc and Peter rejoined the band in April, 2015. Peter Ngom and Diana joined in June, 2015.

SHADOPLAY performs in a variety of settings, such as lounges, night clubs, festivals, auto museums, vintage schools, hair salons and art galleries. For bookings  call:

Alex Hutchison  at 403 225 1134 or email:

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